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October 10, 2012
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The Shadow of The Hunter by Shabriri-Lin The Shadow of The Hunter by Shabriri-Lin
Naive little woman
Your will is strong but your wings are small

When you're following me, its so easy to leave you behind..
Then you always stop and look everywhere
blindly trusting me to come back

But you're never able to guess
from where I'm going to show up
Naive little woman, it's so easy for me to take you aback

When I descend full speed grabbing you in my arms
for an instant I can feel your shuddering,
your soft skin trembling against mine
Unfortunately it lasts just a mere fraction of second
Only until you realize whose your hunter's claws are
However, in spite of its fugacity
this feeling makes it always worthwhile.


A new Ulquimeumah pic *^_^* (Ocober 11th 2012 edited)

Digital coloring this time :) (took me almost two weeks to finish it :crying:)

Sorry I\'ve been offline and missed many Birthdays Y_Y

I want to dedicate this pic to my friends :iconkitekikurai: and :iconafternite: for their Birthdays
(If I missed any other Birthday please tell me to dedicate next pic to you) T_T

I hope you enjojed this pic and the little poem Ulquiorra says to Meumah *^_^*

As always any help with English mistakes is very appreciated :hug:

Also I want to thank Chinese staff in "Bazar Amigos China" in "Las Chafiras"
Without their help, this pic wouldn't have been possible :aww:

Please comment and/ or fave :tears:

Oh, this is the list of wonderful artist whose brushes I used:

smoke by : :iconmiss69-stock:

moon : :iconredheadstock:

Castle : :iconcosmos-resources:
Skulls: :iconsynthexstock:

Stars and clouds by :iconkeepwaiting:

Stones: :icondead-brushes:

To know more about these characters , please read Ulquiorra and Meumah comic click here!--> [link] (spanish plus english translation in the coments box below each page)

To read the chapters of "Arqa" ( a prequel of my ulquiorra comic which tell the story of how Ulquiorra and Meumah met) here --> [link] (English)
or here -->[link](Spanish)
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This looks really beautiful <333 great work x3
Thanks!!!!!:iconaawwplz: It means so much to me!!! :happycry: I felt kind insecure about this one :tears: So I'm happy you find it beautiful! :dance:
No problamo <333

And how could you feel insecure about this amaizng piece! I really love the details and the lighting in it!
Thanks again :huggle::heart::hug::glomp:

Well, it is becuase it was declined in some anime clubs :tears:
No problamo <333

Oh well maybe you put it in the wrong folder by mistake, or they are just butthurt on how beautiful this piece is <3
Maybe ^^;
Anyway , I'm happy you like it :glomp::heart:
Well your art is amazing x3
Sealyanphoenix Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Here is your RATE MY WORK poll from :iconfav-o-rama:

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