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September 22, 2013
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Dawn at Frozen Gehenna by Shabriri-Lin Dawn at Frozen Gehenna by Shabriri-Lin
Watercolor :)

This is located in Frozen Gehenna like this one:

Hope you like it:hug:

I'm very sorry but the next chapter of Arqa is not ready yet :tears:

Please fave and/ or comment :cries:

To know more about these characters , please read Ulquiorra and Meumah comic click here!-->… (spanish plus english translation in the coments box below each page)

To read the chapters of "Arqa" ( a prequel of my ulquiorra comic which tell the story of how Ulquiorra and Meumah met) here -->… (English)
or here -->… (Spanish)
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You did an splendid job with the north-lights. They looks really convincing =D
Thank you very much!!!!!:hug::heart::heart:   I'm happy you think so!   :dance: 
And thank you also for the fave!!!:glomp::heart:
You're welcome, you deserve them
Nice use of cool shades. I like the sky-lights, they're reminiscent of the aurora borealis, which I assume was the intention?

Kinda odd though, seeing a frozen version, since Gehenna was the place where children were burned alive in praise of Moloch. (Also, according to Hebraic tradition, it was a valley - the name - according to some sources - derives from 'Valley of the Son of Hinnom', although I have seen other sources that claimed it meant 'Valley of Post-Mortem Punishment' or 'Valley of Post-Mortem Burning' too.)

But never let history stand in the way of good art!


Thank you very much!!!:hug: 

And yes, this is and aurora borealis :aww: I'm happy you noticed it :glomp:

Oh yes, I readed about it :aww:

But there is even other sources  that claims that Gehenna is one of the seven hells . It is located in Arqa  which is one of the Seven Eartly worlds.  Gehenna is one of Arqa's continents and is is as big a 60 Earths.  It is said that it has a burning side and a frozen side. and souls are tortured being sent to the oposite side once they have gotten used to one of them.:fear:

I Heard that there is another gehena in one of the Seven Heavens but I don't remember which one now  :confused:

Here I made a couple of pics of the burning side:  ;)

Thank you very much again for your comment :hug::heart:


:D (Big Grin)'s GREAT!!!

I really like the way you drew it.


Thank you very much!!!:hug::heart::glomp::heart:

Thank you for the fave too!!:huggle::heart:

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