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Long-Awaited  Visit by Shabriri-Lin
Long-Awaited Visit
A quick digital pic for the next chapter of Arqa :)

Meumah and some of her sisters come to Ulquiorra's castle to deliver  the promised human souls to him. thats why they are dressed  with their best robes :giggle:

Here you can see from left to right:  Layeel, Tuztray, Meumah and Shailah, and of course Ulquiorra:aww:

Hope you like it !!!:hug:

Please comment and or fave :tears:

brushes by :iconklstock:   and :iconredheadstock:

To know more about these characters , please read Ulquiorra and Meumah comic click here!-->… (spanish plus english translation in the coments box below each page)

To read the chapters of "Arqa" ( a prequel of my ulquiorra comic which tell the story of how Ulquiorra and Meumah met) here -->… (English)
or here -->… (Spanish)
Ambushed by Shabriri-Lin
Digital drawing this time :hug:

Meumah is walking  down the courtyards of one of Ulquiorra's castle when she is ambushed by Mulzazel (Ulquiorra's brother).

Mulzazel: So you are still alive... How  dare you?

This scene occurs in the future, after the story of my comic , and before this pic 

I promised :iconrythm-the-afternite: to write the story of that pic , so I need to draw some scenes that happened before Ulqui and Mulci became so angry with each other ^^;

Hope you like it!!!:hug:

Please comment and or fave :tears:

If you want to know more about these characters please read Ulquiorra and Meumah comic here!-->… (spanish plus english translation in the coments box below each page)

to read the comic prequel novel (How Ulquiorra and Meumah met)please go here -->… (English)
or here -->… (Spanish)
meumah and other Arqa characters fanart
12 deviations
Arqa (uqui's past story) Ch 16 Chalcedony Dolls by Shabriri-Lin
Arqa (uqui's past story) Ch 16 Chalcedony Dolls
I finally finished this chapter....:tears:   It is so dark that I thought I should change it before submiting..  but at the end I decided to leave it as it flowed from my soul^^;

Nevertheless,  you can skipt it and wait for next chapter,  in which I expect Ulquiorra appears again ;)

Please comment! :tears: 

Other chapters of Arqa ( the story of how Ulquiorra and Meumah met) here -->… (English)
or here -->…

Read Ulquiorra and Meumah comic here!-->… (spanish plus english translation in the coments box below each page)


I made a short summary of the novel so you can catch with the latest chapters:)  Every picture represents a chapter and the description below the picture tells shortly what happened in that chapter.:)
You can also  read all the full  chapters in english…
or spanish…

My english is not very good so, any correction is very appreciatted:hug:
And of course dont hesitate to ask me if something is no clear:huggle:


Arqa by Shabriri-Lin

The story tooks place in Arqa an etheric worls with two suns called Eleeazar and Arcastor.
Meumah and other girls of her kind are collecting fragments of gems that the sea brings to the shore of one of the islands which surrounds Gehenna's land. Those fragments come from Gehenna's Mines.
A group of darl Devils come trough flying coming back to their home without noticing the girls .
All but one who feels inmediatelly atracted to Meumah and gets close to her giving all the girls a terrible fright.



Hidden in the Beech Wood by Shabriri-Lin

The scared girls have scaped flying . The separate in small groups and hide in a deep beech wood believing that the huge wings of the devil will prevent him of descending to fetch them . The devil flies over them describing circles like a hawk and the girls become even more anxious not knowing what to do.

Blaze Maelstrom by Shabriri-Lin

Finally the devil get tired of waiting and decide to destroy the beech wood so he can catch the girl who had caused him sucha deep impression and find out what she has of special.


Captured by the Devil by Shabriri-Lin

Finally he has suceed in capturing the girl .

Little Wild Thing by Shabriri-Lin

He proceeds to analize his prey carefully. In the meanwhile he is taken aback by Meumah's sister's who manages to slightly hurt him on his wing. The wound is poisoned ant he founds himself unable to heal it by regeneration. Suddenly Meumah bites him on his tail and surprissingly the wound heals by itself, without his will mediating at all.

Mist and Fog by Shabriri-Lin

The devil' interest in the girl's strange powers grows more and more, but suddenly he feels someone appreaching and not wanting that person to find Meumah there he releases her and order her to leave and never come back .

Fake Mirror by Shabriri-Lin

The new comer is another devil, very similar to him. He has come to find out what 's happening and thanks to his sharp eyes , has withnessed almost all the scene. His Name is Mulzazel and he call his mate by the name of Ulqioh.

Tears of the Fallen Lords by Shabriri-Lin

Mulzazel reveals that the girls are fallen angels fron the chorus of "Powers" also called Chaiot ha Quadossh.
He reprimands Ulqioh for not having killed even one of them.
Mulzazel prevents him that the girls are vengetful creatures and may come back in a greater number.
The argue between the two devil Lords becomes more and more intense until Mulzazel considers more prudent to leave the scene.

Ulqioh Thinks regretfully that maybe he will not see Meumah again when he finds one of her earrings on the burned ground and takes it with him.

Meumah Tells Her Sisters About Ulquiorra by Shabriri-Lin

Meumah tell her sisters about her intense experience in the claws of the devil.
One of them , Tuztray ( the red haired one) wants to take revenge . But Meumah refuses and they go back tho their home in a castle on a nearby island.

Talking about 'Ulquiorra' by Shabriri-Lin

Meumah confess to Tuztray that he bit the devil to provide him with the antidote to Tuztray's poisonous attack.
Tuztray getes very angry since in high rank devils this effect is permanent so he may be invulnerable to the girls attacks now.

TUztray wants to leave the area inmediatelly but Meumah remembers her that thery are there to fin one of hr sleeping sisters and they have not loceted her yet.
Then the two girls resolve to stay in that castle until they have found their sister and then leave forever.

Glowing Eyes of the Dark Hunter by Shabriri-Lin

Meumah with the excuse of looking for her lost earring returns to the place where the devil attacked them , but deep in her heart she is worried about what happened to him and whether was a menace the strange being who was approaching when he ordered her to leave. She is trying to get some past scences by touching the ground and fallen trees when she is surprisedn by the devil himself who was there too.

Under the Light of Two Moons by Shabriri-Lin

The devil and Meumah talk and she founds out that the castle where she is currently living with her sisters belongs to him.
The devil in order to force the girl to go to his kingdom in Gehenna by her own will, ask her to pay a rent if she wants to continue living in the castle.
Not having she anything of value the devil accepts humans souls as a payment, since he can use them to work in the mines.
Meumah also learns the devil's name : "Ulqioh Lucifer" probably one of the archons who fought to Lucifer's side in the Great Rebellion.

Earth,  the 8th Hell by Shabriri-Lin

Thwe girls have reached the human worls and get ready to descend to fetch humans souls

Fetching the Souls of the Sinners by Shabriri-Lin

A group of pidgeons 's souls guide Meumah and sisters to the cruel people who killed them and the girls prepare their tails to hunter  those humans.


To be continued in chapter 15....^^;




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